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Non Medical Volunteers Needs

We see anywhere from 20 to 35 families in a 3-hour shift in the Distribution Ministries. All clients have food, clothing, household items and Children's Birthday Closet available to them. Davie County clients are seen first and then out-of-county clients. Out-of-county clients are given information on organizations in their own counties to go for assistance.

Clients are interviewed each time they come for help. Clients are encouraged to come no more than once a month. If a client is in a truly critical situation, they may come more often, if necessary. There are limits on how many items of clothing a client may receive in a month, and dishes and linens in a three-year period. During the interview, clients are encouraged, the Gospel is shared as the Lord opens the door, seeds are planted, and a prayer is offered.

With the Gods help this ministry is supported day to day with our volunteers in many different areas. Our annual audit report, each year, states that 97-98% of all incoming donations goes directly to client and patient services. It is so high because we do not have any paid staff – we are all volunteers. Listed are a few of the areas that you can volunteer in.  If you are interested feel free to contact us for more information.  Click on the following button to download the Volunteer application form.

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